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oh my god people tell me if I´m being the unreasonable one .....

so we´re painting our room right now ... like mother decided the day before yesterday that we´re going to ... means grandma arrived yesterday morning "to help" and basically if you already had some plans then tough luck ... well unless you´re my sister then you just fuck everyone and let them do all the shit while you visit your boyfriend anyway...

so like I spent half the day yesterday taking care of some bureaucratic shit, then had to go to the other side of town to borrow hooks you use to move big pieces of furniture .... I got back & got bitched that I need to start packing my shit ASAP ...I was damn lucky I had time to eat my lunch jesus ..... and basically I haven´t stopped being irritated since .... grandma is seriously pissing me off big time ... I take a bunch of my shit and and I turn my back on her and she´s already picking my stuff and throwing it haphazardly in plastic bags like there is some race going on who sorts out the shit in the shortest time ... this is what pisses me off the most about her ... she needs to do everything so quick ... like won´t think about things but everything needs to be done QUICKLY ... she starts doing like four things at once cause IDK she´s fucking allergic to sitting down & resting ... and it makes me irritated beyond words like I feel like screaming .. she´s literally breathing down my neck .. wherever I turn there she is pushing you, egging you to do shit this way .. that way ... and she DOESN´T FUCKING LISTEN ... you tell her do it this way or don´t do this and come help me with this and she doesn´t listen to you and keeps doing shit ...

whenever I ask something or tell them that they should move this there instead of where they did I just get glared at or really bitched out that why the fuck am I always complaining ... literally every damn time I open my mouth they either ignore me or tell me that I should stop talking .... we moved majority of stuff to the living room but the bigass wardrobes were just moved to the middle of the room cause we wouldn´t be able to move them that far and there really wasn´t any space in any other room ... when I asked why the fuck were they putting clothes from one of those closets on the top of the bed in the middle of the room I got told to shut up cause there isn´t any space left ANYWHERE ... cue few hours later when they fucking finally realise that they will fucking need that fucking mattress for sleeping and when I ask them how they´re gonna move that mattress from under the sheet protecting it from the paint and shit I just bitched again that they´ll think about it later. ... mother wants to move those closets away so she can spread the beds and they can sleep on them ... I keep telling them that she would need to move them really close to the wall for her to have enough space to move those beds ... and that means she´d have to put the carpet right next to the freshly painted walls and basically put paint on the carpet .... but again I´m the one who has problems with everything and just basically tries to come up with reasons why the shit won´t work out ... REALLY BITCH?!?! I told them this would happen ... and when it happens & I try to come up w/some idea to resolve it I am the bad guy again ....

the next example... they bought 3kg of white paint for ceiling ... and like 7,5kg of peach colour for walls .... they suddenly realise that 3kg isn´t gonna be enough ... and they tell me to go buy another one ... and when I was asking them if the 7,5kg will be enough to cover 4 walls when 3kg isn´t fucking enough for one fucking ceiling they tell me that they´ll see ... so LOGICALLY I ask them to tell me now so I wouldn´t have to go to the store then come home & then go to the store AGAIN ... I naturally get bitched out that the ones who have the most complaints are  always the people who have never done this shit and know nothing about it...
so then we come back from the store with paint and after 5 fucking minutes they tell me that they really think that there isn´t gonna be enough of that peach paint ....

and grandma is being all fucking offended how we only bitch all day and how we meddle into shit instead of helping them while WE´RE ONLY ASKING LOGICAL FUCKING QUESTIONS ....

oh my god now they´re making me go sleep at aunt´s place and because me - the heartless shit - actually dared to suggest that grandma should fucking go there (it´s like 5 minutes from our place) and sleep in the actual fucking bed instead of mattresses put on the fucking floor ....

so IDK if I´m just irritated with them basically DGAF about what I say or ask ... or suggest and I´m only projecting or they´re being complete dickheads and by the next week we´ll definitely start throwing punches

/end rant

(oh yeah, I forgot to mention mother wants to throw away my desk cause it´s big, old & ugly but I have it fully packed with stuff I need and have no other place for them ... she tells me we´ll come up with a place for them ... some day ... THERE IS NO ONE SHELF OR PIECE OF SPACE TO PUT THEM THERE THAT´S WHY I HAVE THEM IN MY TABLE ... but again I am the unreasonable one cause I don´t see that my desk is ugly and takes up too much fucking space)


Jul. 21st, 2012 11:25 am (UTC)
I told them that I´m moving out & not telling them my new address :DDD



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